Al Rojas
General Manager
Phone: 405-758-4031
Barbara Beaton
Assistant General Manager/Director of Sales
Phone: 405-605-8050
Carly Kimbrough
Sales Manager
Phone: 405-605-8034
Angela Smith
Sales Manager
Phone: 405-768-4026
Katie Smith
Sales/Booking Coordinator
Phone: 405-605-8042
Justin Tinder
Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 405-768-4620
Nikki Ayers
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 405-768-4040
Chris Rogers
Director of Events
Phone: 405-605-7821
Laurel Wilson
Events Manager
Phone: 405-768-4620
Madelynn Buckman
Event Manager
Phone: 405-768-4027
Kasey Porec
Event Manager
Phone: 405-768-4619
Amy Lesher
Exhibition Services Manager
Phone: 405-768-4627
Tyler Johnson
Security Supervisor
David Wright
Executive Chef
Phone: 405-724-9813
Josh Moore
Executive Sous Chef
Phone: 405-724-9813
Toby Fischer
Concessions Manager
Phone: TBD
Diondra Burton-King
Catering Sales Manager
Phone: 405-724-9692
Candice Henderson
Catering Sales Manager
Phone: 405-768-4623
Stephanie Fernandez
Food and Beverage Accountant
Phone: 405-768-4025
Diane Gbone
Human Resources Manager
Phone: 405-768-4616
Shaun Rice
Director of Operations
Phone: 405-768-4028
Brett Hawkins
Operations Administrative Assistant
Phone: 405-768-4611
Pete Johnson
IT Support Technician
Phone: 405-768-4617
Jason Miller
Chief Engineer
Phone: 405-768-4033
Chris Krog
Operations Supervisor
Phone: 405-768-4611
Nate McCubbin
Operations Supervisor
Tiffany Freeman
Accounting Manager
Phone: 405-768-4622
Jeff Delancy
Director of Finance
Phone: 405-724-9892
Heather Miller
Purchasing Manager
Phone: 405-768-2557
Miriah Jones
Accounts Payable Coordinator
Phone: 405-768-4031