The artwork for the Convention Center extends the link between Oklahoma City’s spirit and its aspirational vision. It is a call to reconsider the changeable, majestic sky that is part of the city’s environment, cultural history, and economy. 

Together, Together is a commissioned steel statue that sits near the entrance of the OKC Commssion Center.

"Together, Together"

by Joe Slack

"Together, Together" a commissioned steel structure sits at the northwest corner of the OKC Convention Center. The 26-foot, 18,000-pound steel structure was completed by sculpture artist Joe Slack.

The statue features three figures looking over the city, all facing outward toward the viewer. The figures wear pensive facial designs and a complex network of metal mapping make up their bodies. Gridlines and rings in the heads continue the steel motif, while gaps in the boies provide glimpses of the city skyline.

Artwork from Wayne Coyne and Damien Hurst hangs in the Oklahoma City Convention Center

"Beautiful Mystical Exploding Sun Clouds Taste Metallic Gift Painting

by Wayne Coyne & Damien Hurst

Artwork created by Wayne Coyne, the frontman of the rock band Flaming Lips, and world-renown artist Damien Hirst is homed at the Oklahoma City Convention Center.

"Beautiful Mystical Exploding Sun Clouds Taste Metallic Gift Painting" is an 18 x 18 foot spin painting created by Coyne and Hirst in Gloucestershipe England. The work was created by standing on an elevated platform while pouring paint onto a large circular canvas. As the paint pours, a machine rotates the canvas like a disc on a record.

The award-winning art piece Virtual Sky was designed by renowned artist Susan Narduli

"Virtual Sky"

by Susan Narduli

It is conceived as a synergy of fixed and fluid elements, a layering of form and light, and moments captured in real-time. Here, the beauty and changeability of the Oklahoma sky are reconceptualized through technology. The suspended artwork spans the two atriums. Within each, anodized titanium forms create an environment inspired by the sky’s movement. The palette of colors evokes the subtle shifts in color one experiences throughout the day and the season. The reflective surfaces capture light, and the material responds to light and shadow from the surrounding environment. A grid of programmable LED lights connected to a stream of Open Data Portals traces realtime weather data. These dynamic layers bring an immediacy to the work and the opportunity for public engagement and discovery that will grow and change over time.