OKCCC Sustainability Statement

Our facility sits on the doorstep of nature, overlooking the 70-acre Scissortail Park. We are mindful of our impact on the environment and have adopted operating practices that are committed to being as environmentally sustainable as possible. Since opening our doors in 2021, staying green has always been a priority. We are proud of our steps, big and small, that have helped protect the planet and to see our community flourish.

• Using energy-efficient lighting with LED bulbs
• The building’s west side has floor-to-ceiling windows to capture natural light, which reduces the need for additional lights and saves on electric consumption.
• Recycling practices are in use throughout the building.
• Restrooms use water conservation measures such as low-flow automatic faucets, low-flush automatic toilets, automatic soap dispensers, and post-consumer recycled paper.
• Kitchen operates using primarily fresh, locally grown, and seasonal ingredients.
•The OKCCC uses a third-party waste management company to keep our commitment to composting and minimizing waste.
• Work with multiple food organizations to donate unused food to the homeless community and local food banks.
• Occupancy sensors are in all restrooms, storage closets, hallways, and offices to reduce electric consumption.
• All meeting and exhibit spaces have electronic monitors, which reduce the need for paper signs.
• The venue is easily accessible through public transportation.
Maintaining these fundamental practices will aid in our ongoing commitment to sustainability while we continue to look for new ways to protect the future environment even better.