Anna’s House Gumdrops and Lollipops Ball

Anna’s House Foundation is a faith-based organization whose mission is to provide immediate, stable and loving homes for Oklahoma County’s children in state custody. AHF desires to offer a future of hope and faith to foster children and foster families by providing housing, support, training, and resources in a Christian community setting. We provide an exceptional, personal network of support for families in Oklahoma County and contingent counties caring for children in foster care, and the unique needs children share.

Of the approximately 8,000 Oklahoma children in foster care, about 2,000 live in Oklahoma County, over half of those are under age 6. There are approximately 2,000 traditional foster homes statewide and less than 500 in Oklahoma County. 50% of children are moved more than three times during their time in foster care and 50% of siblings are separated and placed into different foster homes upon entering the foster care system.

Reactive attachment disorders are common among these children when they do not bond with a caregiver from the earliest days. Some estimates indicate that as many as 70% of the American children suffering from some type of attachment disorder today are children in the foster system. The goal of The Anna’s House Foundation is to recruit and support Christian families who open their homes at a moment’s notice to give immediate shelter, comfort, and love to the most vulnerable among us. We partner with OKDHS to provide the highest level of care in Oklahoma County.

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Sep 25 2021


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Oklahoma City Convention Center
Oklahoma City Convention Center