Job Location
Date posted
May 26, 2023
Position title
Weekend/Weekend Overnight PT Security Guard



Under general supervision, patrols assigned territory to protect patrons and property.



  • Stand guard during events. Tour post periodically to ensure safety of patrons, staff, vendors, participants, and others on site.
    • Handle any disturbances or problems that arise during event or at the facility. If necessary, escort disruptive individual(s) to security office and/or off the premises.
    • Write incident reports and meet with security supervisor to review.
  • Inspect alarms and fire extinguishers/sprinkler systems to ascertain they are set to Inspect premises for signs of intrusion or tampering.
    • Tour facility, examining doors, windows, and gates to ensure they are secure.
    • Assist with crowd control inside and outside of the facility.
    • Control unusual circumstances and events during fire, storms, riots, and other emergencies.
  • Respond immediately to emergency situations -- answer alarms and investigate.
    • Assist departments when handling large sums of high valued items
      • Act in a professional manner with clients, employees, exhibitors, patrons, and others encountered.
    • When necessary, document all shipping and keep record of all keys, radios and other facility equipment that are signed.
  • Operate Command Center at an efficient level.
  • Utilizes CCTV and Access Control system to set door schedules based off of building and Event needs.
  • Has a neat, professional appearance and comes to work in complete and clean assigned uniform.
    • Comes to work; is on time and completes shift assignments (including overtime, if needed)
    • Be courteous, respectful, and responsive to the general public, customers and clients.
    • Project positive and confident professional attitude
    • Customer Service to the highest level
    • Maintain the highest standards of business ethics.
    • Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned.


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